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Or they use your computing power with a javascript bitcoin miner.

And nobody knows what they do with the data you submit.

But please dont use it to submit private data like usernames, passwords, private data, login to facebook or something similar.

There is no way to see if someone is logging, analyzing or accessing your data later.

You get the full speed, an easy to setup client software and a large number of available countries to get an ip address from. Newcomer: Spy Off offers a unlimited 14 day trial – sign up quick as the offer wont last long!

If you want to send or receive private data like emails, passwords, account data or even credit card data – you should also take a professional VPN Service.

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They need to pay for the server-infrastructure and sometimes for the traffic as well.

The free VPN Services might not be as fast and reliable as a commercial VPN Service – but for surfing the web or on vacation, when you need a ip adress of your home country to access blocked websites – theyll do the job. Youll find the best completely free VPNs a little further down on this page.

For video streaming or filesharing, its best to use free trial versions of commercial VPN Services to save your money.

You dont know if the traffic of the free VPN is somehow logged.

The cost for the servers must be paid somehow and to fund a free VPN its often datamining through your traffic.

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