Updating fedora 4

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PIDs consist of a colon-separated prefix and suffix.

The prefix may be used across a repository or vary based on collection within the repository.

The second collection, Colloquia, documents the colloquia presented at NASA Goddard by scientists from around the world as well as local Goddard speakers.

Its metadata is recorded in the Goddard Encoding Metadata Schema (GEMS), an extended version of Dublin Core.

The Fedora objects for each collection consist of metadata recorded in an appropriate language indexed in Fedora’s XML-based g Search; a simple Dublin Core file indexed by both g Search and Fedora’s RISearch [2]; a RELS-EXT file (Fedora’s RDF/XML language, used to create links between Fedora objects) indexed in RISearch; and PDFs or externally-hosted video files, depending on the collection.

Fedora versions 1 to 3 use Permanent IDentifiers (PIDs) to identify objects.

I added the RDF Refine plugin from DERI[7] (these services have also been combined to form LODRefine, but as I worked from Open Refine with the plugin installation, that’s how I’ll discuss it), which allows one to both export Open Refine projects as linked data and to use linked data services alongside other reconciliation services.This article describes a project updating author metadata in one collection using a local reconciliation service generated from another collection’s authority records.Because the Goddard Library is on the cusp of a migration from Fedora 3 to Fedora 4, this article addresses the challenges in updating Fedora 3 and ways Fedora 4’s architecture will allow for easier updates.by Ruth Kitchin Tillman This article documents a project undertaken to augment metadata within the NASA Goddard Library Repository.[1] The repository runs on a custom Fedora 3.3/Drupal 7 setup.It contains five collections spotlighting aspects of work produced by the Goddard Space Flight Center—Authors & Publications, Case Studies, Colloquia, Balloon Technology Documents, and the Goddard News.

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