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He hadn't the guts to back me up, so I left and moved back home.

While there I did any work to hand, mainly driving trucks around England.

After regular visits to a doctor and being clear, I started to look around again.

I didn't stay much longer with my job in Warwickshire, due to an argument with a temporary manager while Ralph was on holiday.

I just scraped through my first year; indeed there was a doubt about keeping me on. I returned for my second year to find a new, female lecturer in one aspect of work. She always wore a white, tight cotton blouse, and knee length pleated blue skirt set off with black stockings.

She seemed to like me, and in fact her intervention kept me from being dismissed on more than one occasion. I knew they were stockings, not tights, as she always sat down with her legs rather open on a high chair in class.

Still, this promised to be an interesting experience, so I just smiled at her and said, "Of course, Miss Stevens, anything to help you." "Perhaps you'd better call me Ruby," she offered, "it sounds less formal, don't you think?I did like feeling the, er, feeling, of fullness, but I chose someone who was not particularly considerate.And I never liked the idea of another woman, either, so I started using these things. " I didn't know what to say, but I did wonder why, if sex with fhat man was so bad for her, what did she want with me?I was still thinking about furthering my career, though. Nor was I thinking too much about my new wife, either. She said nothing for perhaps two, very long, minutes, then spoke, in a subdued voice, her words coming in a rush."I only had actual, er, sex, a few times, when I was much younger, with a man.

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