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But Buffett knew he'd have trouble making it big in Mobile, so he moved to Nashville.However, his shot at fame proved to be a bust in Music City - he was an outsider and was not into writing country songs.He worked colleges across the South and Texas and then went back to Nashville – always that bug about Nashville.In Music City, Don Light managed Buffett and worked hard to get him a record deal but all he got was a string of rejections when country music stars Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner were topping the charts in 1972.After graduating from high school, rather than getting drafted for the Vietnam War, he went to Auburn University in Alabama, where he soon flunked out.Buffett briefly attended junior college in Mississippi and then the University of Southern Mississippi that put him closer to New Orleans.

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Buffett hung out at the Chart Room, a local bar, where he performed for drinks and tips while becoming a member in good standing of Club Mandible, a roaming social club dedicated to inebriation and fornication.

He might have been better off heading to Los Angeles or New York but he didn't have the money.

The aspiring artist then turned to work at Billboard magazine, but didn't stop singing.'So I'm working at Billboard magazine but I'm singing at anti-Vietnam rallies in my fringe jacket in Nashville, and that was risky business in those days', Buffett said.'He stood with the hippies wearing dime-store clothes and driving beat-up trucks', White writes.

As seductive as the tropical life was for two years, he continued to hit the road and perform his own songs.

He hitchhiked up to Atlanta to play, on to Chicago, New Orleans, Biloxi, Mississippi.

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