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Hello Charleton Hamby Glad to hear you got your issue solved.

I, too, have had problems with Norton Utilities running constantly in the background.

As you indicated, once a Full Scan starts it will continue to try running at every opportunity of inactivity until it completes.

Now that this has happened, the performance issues have stopped and things are back to normal.

When I shut down my machine is off for 10 to 12 hours before I restart and I've done the restart by Windows to no avail so that doesn't work.

I just don't like checking on these items even if they are from Norton, to many plishing scams out there and one never knows when this can be on.

I clicked 'Not Now’ when being asked to trust a site every time.

If I don't click on the remind feature it will pop up again in a short while.

At some point either Norton comes up with a fix or I and I'm sure others will have to migrate as this is a time wasting feature.

I was very nervous about that because — starting in television in 1997 when I joined HOMICIDE, it was an ensemble cast — since then, I have been sort of thriving in that arena.

Because I’m used to getting the script, I’ll learn my couple scenes, I’ll go in two or three times a week, and I’m out of there.

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